1. The quality or state of being happy

    2. Good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy

    We all have our own definitions for what we believe to be happiness. Personal happiness seems rather selfish, but sometimes it’s necessary. For example you can’t make others happy unless you yourself are happy. So where do we find the balance here? I believe that I have mastered self happiness so much that I lost my balance for being happy for others. I ended up shutting myself off from the world. I realized that I was holding grudges on everyone for almost anything. And reason being is that I tend to give out so much love for others that when they end up “hurting” me I back off and hide in a shell. It’s a defense mechanism. I am most afraid to be hurt by those I love and care for…therefore I shut myself out from the world. Thanks to the Mercury Retrograde this is something I was able to identify and make the decision to change. I have been hurt so much by so many people, even strangers. But it is my problem that I allowed myself to feel such a way. I realized that I take things way too personally. I begin to make up realities of the situations based off of my own personal feelings, my own insecurities….and for that I apologize if I have ever offended or hurt anyone because of it. I am learning more and more about myself each and every day. It’s challenging not to be affected by things that happen on a daily basis, but maintaining my balance in life is my priority. 

    With the endless social media craze it’s difficult not to be swallowed up by everything everyone else is doing. Comparison has become secondary in this society, and it’s time to break the bad habit. My new project is the Art of Other’s Happiness! It’s true that the happiness of another can fuel your own self happiness…and it is my mission! I am reaching out to everyone I know…and everyone I may know…to help spread the happiness, in the utmost sincerity. 

    It’s time to start fresh. We don’t have epiphanies for no reason. It’s time to listen to the cosmos, open our hearts, & just LIVE! 

    I’ve outgrown this shell I’ve been hiding in. And it’s time to put myself out there in the world. To not give a fuck about what other people think, but to give them light and love! That’s why we’re here right now. To unite people together through this high frequency of love. Love makes people happy, love helps people live longer, and love helps everyone thrive. 

    Together we can make a positive impact on this world. 




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  8. "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." ____Albert Einstein @fancypantsster #proud #wifey #love #handsome #hubby #work #business #man #cute #mens #fashion #soulmate #bff #bestfriend #loml #menttobe #blessed #universe #AttitudeOfGratitude #summer #happy #positive #beautiful #life #bw #art #artist #muvedo

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  12. "

    This is for the girls who lie awake at night
    pulling at their covers to keep them warm,
    Drenched in sins of deprecation,
    Tossing and turning on their twin-sized beds
    because there is not enough room to fit expectations,
    let alone their own.

    This is for the girls who stare at themselves in front of their mirrors,
    Pinching at the extra layers of skin that hang around their tummies,
    “Rolls of fat” as they call it, I prefer the term “beauty.”

    This is for the girls who have shoulders and backs
    plastered in scars from the bras that were one cup too small,
    Overly adjusted and tightened straps to push their breasts up so that boys may find them attractive enough to look underneath the surface,
    because who could ever love a monster.

    This is for the girls who fall prey to the fallacies of magazine stands,
    Captivated by the bold letters bleeding off the covers:
    “365 ways to style your hair!”
    “How to get the perfect butt!”
    “Turn the lights off to look good naked!”
    “How to make him love you.”

    Pull apart the flesh and look beneath your skin,
    You are not defined by the number of eyes
    that manifest lust towards you,
    You are not the number of hands that plead to saunter
    their way towards your hips,
    You are not the number of inches that space your thighs,
    Or the visibility of the muscles that line up on your stomach.

    You do not need to look good naked,
    Don’t turn off the lights,
    Your butt looks fine,
    Stop falling victim to the media,
    to the photoshopped ads of puppets who look nothing like you,
    Because you are real.
    And if you want a man to love you
    he must learn to accept you with your extra scars, flaws, and fat,
    Because that sack of bones known as a “model” on a Cosmopolitan cover will not keep him warm at night.

    It is inscribed in the atoms that make you a person,
    You are a three-dimensional beautiful masterpiece,
    You are not a computerized pixelated image,
    Reshaped and resized, retouched and revised,
    Stop letting society dehumanize a woman,
    You are a woman.

    Allow the fury to slither through your limbs until you shake
    with anger and purpose,
    Acknowledge the value of your worth for you are more than space,
    You are space.

    — Andra Nechita, “You hold the stars up in the night sky.”

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  13. "Time is only NOW."

    I literally could listen to Alan Watts all day err day. 

    He puts every aspect of life into the simplest of terms that anyone could understand. 

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