1. Dedicated to my one & only love; Sir Daniel Birker <3

    If you want to change the world, love a man, really love him.
    Find the one whose eyes are like blazing suns,
    that make you look away the first time,
    that pierce right through you,
    blinding you to everything but the moment,
    melting you into a puddle of soft pastel light,
    even though you cringe at the color, pink.

    The one who stops your thinking,
    who sends your lashes fluttering
    and all the blood rushing to your cheeks.
    The slow-to-speak-one,
    whose smile is like a flute,
    who summons honey bee songs,
    blossom songs and morning bird songs
    with his listening.

    The fallen-sky-one with the mark on his back,
    where he lost his feathers from flying too close to a star.

    The broken one in search of his wings,
    who tells you the story of how to make fire.

    If you want to change the world, love a man
    beyond your fear of being burned.

    Beyond unforgiveness and the walls you’ve built
    to protect your sovereignity and anonymity.

    Love him beyond old wounds and lies
    you believed to be truth,
    the hole in your heart from an absent father,
    the scar on your sacred flower left by thieves.

    Beyond past lives and the memory
    you keep like a shrine to betrayal
    when you fell to your knees in the ashes of your village,
    and love became a field of bones.

    Lift your darkened face to him who stands before you.
    Take his hand and let him raise you to your feet.

    Trust him to hold you as you tremble and weep in his arms for all that has been lost and found in this holy instant.

    If you want to change the world, love a man
    Beyond your faithlessness
    and your secret hatred of humanity
    Beyond all your judgment and self righteous projection.

    The stone on your heart is as ancient
    as the thought that you had to deny His existence
    to know your power.

    You are no less God than you ever were.
    Man is no more guilty than Woman is innocent.

    Love him for bearing the burden of desire in his sex
    so your temple could remain whole unto itself-
    for taking on the split aspect of mind
    that seemed to abandon the oneness of heaven
    so that you might know the joy of Its extension.

    Love the ecstatic, primal root
    castrated by religion as the root of all evil-
    the channel of divine creative impulse-
    that sparks the seeds of life, death and birth
    from the womb of space and time.

    Love the humble guardian and warrior
    Man has been to Woman
    even as he hunts her,
    even in his drive towards self gratification,
    which ultimately is the portal to soul union.

    Love the violator who holds the mirror
    to everything you have disowned within yourself-
    so that all your desire, your creative impulse
    may be freed
    from the chains of separation, lack and guilt
    and you can finally trust your Self.

    If you want to change the world, love a man
    in all his instinctual animal nature,
    in all his hunger and devotion to beauty.

    Love him beyond your vanity and pridefulness,
    your gilded possessiveness and need to special-
    beyond your well thought out conditions for safety
    and all your concepts of how a man
    should be in relationship.

    Love him beyond your anger at not getting your way,
    beyond your terror of not knowing or being in control.

    Love him in his relentless pursuit
    to penetrate the deepest sanctuaries within you,
    that hold the chaos of your strongest emotions,
    your carefully guarded secrets of separation
    between light and dark, virgin and whore,
    man and woman, spirit and form.

    Love him for opening the door to sensuality,
    to your primordial self that is beyond duality,
    for binding you to pleasure
    even as the air closes in around you,
    even as you writhe with madness,
    cursing your incarnation as the enemy-
    even as you contract and claw,
    crying out in despair, such joy it brings.

    Love him for not yielding
    to your resistance to surrender-
    for standing in his masculine power
    even as you threaten to destroy him.

    If you want to change the world, love your man
    for leaving you to live his purpose,
    whether it’s for a day, a week, months or years.

    Love him for breaking his own heart over and over-
    for holding the tension and balance
    of polarity and intimacy,
    of distance and closeness.

    Love his need for silence and solace-
    for keeping some of his mystery to himself-
    not that he has anything to hide,
    but so you will always have surprises!

    Love his evolutionary nature
    that seeks new experiences,
    that can never be satisfied-
    for his boundless curiosity,
    that if allowed to be free
    might be your own liberation
    from complacency.

    Love him for shining independently
    from the seat of his own majesty-
    for not needing, yet choosing you
    from a place of knowing his magnificence.

    Love him for being your patient direction and destiny-
    for returning to you
    your own brightness through the dark night-
    for helping you to remember
    the one and only relationship you’ve ever had
    and tried to forget-
    for bringing you to that vulnerable, powerless
    abiding place of surrender
    you’ve been afraid of and waiting for all your life-
    where you can finally be consumed by Love-
    where you can finally be claimed by God.
    -Lisa Citore


    You’ve been so good to me
    Give you anything
    You’ve been so good to me
    Your love inside of me

    Oh baby, you’re my consolation
    Oh baby, there’s no hesitation

    *This song is dedicated to my one & only love, Daniel Richard Birker <3 You bring out the very BEST in me each & every day. You are the best hubby any wifey could ever ask for. Not only do you do the laundry, you cook, clean, & make sweet passionate love to me every day. You continue to make me fall deeper & more passionately in love you every minute of the day. I’m yours forever & always. 

    <3 Madam Tania Kim-Yen Do



  5. "DREAMS" _______N U A G E S

  6. "NITE CLOUD" _______ADAM SNOW

  7. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    Life experiences derive from a series of life choices. Every choice we make no matter how little or significant…all connect to one another. Every choice you have made has led you to the very present moment you are in RIGHT now. Seriously, just think about it. Nothing is ever a coincidence. It’s all synchronicity. You can be one of those menopausal women who still haven’t had an orgasm yet. You can be that person who stays 30 years at a job they completely despise. You can be that person that is in in a very financially stable but yet passionless marriage.  Or you can be the person that is in charge of making the BEST out of life. If you hate your job, fuck it & just quit! Seriously. There’s no point of spiritually bringing yourself down when you are choosing to surround yourself with energy vampires who are all mindlessly working just for the sake of money. Attain life experiences beyond currency. The only reason people can’t grow balls to do such outlandish things according to our society is because of fear alone. The fear of not succeeding. The fear of having to start over again. But that’s what life is all about. Starting over…that is until you find that thing that makes you happy. You can’t evolve as a person if you continue to take the path that someone else has shown you. Rather take no path. Get lost. That’s where you’ll find yourself in the utmost clarity. Really take time to think to yourself about what you REALLY want out of life…& then give it your all. Die knowing that you put 200% into making your life the very best it can be. With all the social media live feeds nowadays it’s hard not to be caught up in all of the “gossip.” We constantly go to the same page & just keep refreshing hoping that something exciting will pop up. Log the fuck out of your facebook, give instagram a break for the day, & turn your phone the fuck off. I’m ridiculously guilty of having a digital addiction. My addiction mainly derives from the fact that I’m the marketing director for Muvedo.com & so therefore I’m on the interwebs all damn day. Whether I’m on the laptop updating blogs & writing emails, on IG posting up some dope art work, or on facebook having to post up flyers of upcoming shows, etc. I have become a robot in the aspect of having technology be the foundation of my daily life, until now. Although I do have certain tasks that must be done daily, I will set aside specific times to do so, as well as a time limit! It’s too easy to get carried away with scrolling through everyone’s feed just to update ourselves on the day, & then next thing we know 3 hours have already gone by. I’m very grateful that I will be departing for Lucidity Festival in just 2 more days! The best part about leaving on this weekend music, arts, & yoga retreat is that no doubt my phone will be turned off! Not having reception in the middle of nature is just fine by me! I’m an into the wild type of gal. When I reconnect with nature everything falls back into it’s right place. “Stress/Worrying” becomes false ideas & unnecessary words in my life, & I intend to keep it that way. The more I focus on what I want in my life, the better my life becomes. I am consciously deciding to step back from the social world in order to balance out my own. The internet isn’t going anywhere, & neither are people. I’m not going to die if I don’t read that so & so got a new job, or that so & so is having a new baby, or that so & so doesn’t like this or that. None of that will be missed. For an even more important purpose is being played out. I rather evolve as a spiritual being carrying out my destiny rather than that gal who knows what’s going on in everyone & their mamas lives. Real shit. I’ve become too mature to waste my time on what is going on in everyone else’s life. Rather now, you can keep updated with me here. If I got shit to say, you got shit to read. Might as well make your interwebs time worth the wild right! 

    <3 Madam_Do

  8. Story of my life. #dauvoire #positive #energy #happy #spiritual #life #muvedo #artist #create #art #quote #WordsToLiveBy

  9. "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" _____Lil’ Jon & DJ Snake

    Getting down on my 5 pound hula hoop this morning to Lil’ Jon!

    If the dancing in the video doesn’t inspire you, then you’re nuts.

    Cock thrusting is the new trending workout! Ahahha but seriously I love how this hip hop artist used “average” looking people to do all of the cray crunking rather than big booty hoes. Yeah Lil’ Jon only says a few words repetitively throughout the track but you have to admit the beats are sick. As a dance I love dancing to all genres of music. I like to get low & bounce my ass as I spin the heavy 5 pound metal hoop around myself working my core & cardio to the max! I love opening up my sacral chakra & fully expressing myself, body, & soul through the art of dance. Dance & music go hand in hand for me. Oh yeah & when you’re dancing, don’t forget the most important part…fucking SMILE!!!!!

  10. Yoga & much needed reading. #love #yogi #positive #happy #healthy #green #life #naturalmedicine #reading #yoga #meditation #healing #dailypractice #muvedo #artist #inspire #create #art

  11. Was planning on going on an epic beach hike adventure on my day off. Instead I woke up not feeling 200% amped up. Luckily, my Hubby knows exactly how to make me feel better with organic green tea, tomato basil soup, cold pressed “The Doctor Juice” (kale, spinach, ginger, cucumber, apple, parsley, & lemon), & of course emergen-c. Can’t complain because I’m blessed to have woken up alive today. Now I get to stay in & work on my latest raw canvas for Lucidity Festival & Lightning in a Bottle! One month left till festie season begins!!! 😜 #CountYourBlessings #ItCouldBeWorse #love #hubby #positive #life #getwell #healthy #raw #organic #juice #AttitudeOfGratitude #home #art #muvedo #artist #radiohead #vinyl

  12. "A picture is worth a thousand words"

    I’m sure we have all read as well as recited this very quote several of times throughout our lives. What fascinates us so much about photos whether it is film or digital? Is it the fact that we relive that moment, or the photo sparked something inside you, or that we just become indulged in everything about that photo? Either way…as humans we love to indulge in anything that evokes emotion. That’s how we stay feeling alive, feeling connected, or disconnected. For me personally, I love to reminisce & relive those moments. But mostly I look at pictures missing people, particularly in that moment captured in the photo. I guess you can call it nostalgia. I adapt to change very easily. My childhood has trained me well for that. People always come & go. Change is a constant. & you never know what’s going to happen. We cannot change our past, but we can create our present. The universe works in mysterious ways, but if your third eye is open you will notice all of the hints. We all have different formulas that create our happiness, & no one’s is the same. That’s what makes life so exciting. Friends, family, jobs, etc. are good things to have in life…but if they aren’t affecting your life in a positive way then learn to let them go. In this society we learn to crutch on each other, to fill the endless expectations of those around us rather than putting our own well being first. Rather than exhaust yourself by giving everyone your time, learn to pull back in & make sure all your personal needs are met first, no matter how selfish that may sound. But think about it, if you can’t be happy by yourself then how do you expect to make anyone else happy? Stop dreaming & start doing! That’s definitely my motto this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a “doer” but there’s different types of “doing.” I’ve had about 25 jobs since I was 15. Being a hard working independent woman is the number one thing I learned from my mother. The problem wasn’t being able to keep a job, but rather than just work, work, work, I should have been selfish & really invested my time into work that I was passionate about. Now don’t get me wrong here either, I’m a Libra. Ahahah which means I seriously can be passionate about anything & everything. & it’s not because I’m wishy washy, but more so because I can find balance in everything, which means I can love anything & everything to the fullest. I can work any job, & move up quickly. Perks of being a fast learner. Point being that I am soley only focusing all of my good energy into people, places, careers, & creativity that I am extremely passionate about & that have a positive inspirational impact in my life. Career wise I’ve come across that familiar question, “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?” Dramatic is as dramatic does. Everything is temporary, but how long before temporary becomes comfortable? Depending on the situation, comfortable can be dangerous. You can lose yourself in comfortability. You can let go of all of your ambitions. You can lower your standards. You can give up on your dreams. I like to be challenged in innovative creative ways. I can’t & won’t escape the fact that I am an artist, nor will I suppress it. I know in my mind & in my heart what I have to do to make myself happy. To feel good from the inside out. To move forward in this world & to accomplish my goals. To stay on track with destiny. & to not waste my time on people, jobs, places, & situations that might hold me back. I will not take that chance. How many lives will we live before we really try our very hardest & give life 200% effort into making this life the very best we could live?! I miss people often. & the reason why I miss people so often so much is because I chose to remember the good times, sometimes too much. Then that leads to why the good times stopped, and why I had to keep moving forward in my life. When we chose to give each other titles & roles, we create expectation beyond our control, & then someone ends up hurt…usually both, or all. Communication. We all have different ways of communicating. We communicate with each person at different levels of intimacy, importance, etc. For me personally my life is grounded by positive balance. Everything I do in my life revolves around balance. So when things become uneasy I have to lighten the load to become balanced again. Even if that means distancing myself from certain situations that feed off of drama. It’s difficult sometimes when people have already created an image of you, a life style that they swear you live by, & pertain to have expectations of your actions based off that false temporary image. While I was working all of these jobs, I was also in college full time as well. But during those days I did party hard as well. But ironically the quarter I partied the hardest in was when I received a grant from the Art Institute in Santa Monica. My classes were 4 hours long with 22 hours of homework on top of that for each class. My roommates would find me drafting blue prints on our dining table for days straight. Living out in Los Angeles, you know that success never sleeps. Fun fact: I’ve had a 21 ID since I was 16 (thanks to my oldest sister), so you can say that sure enough I burned myself out on the scene. Being able to consume alcohol like sweet nectar meant that it took a tole on my body over the years. Nowadays, I mainly drink my cold pressed organic raw juice daily. “Friends” claim that I’ve become M.I.A because I’m all wifed up…but to be honest I’m just putting my health & well being first. I don’t feel like going out & partying until the sunrises unless it’s really worth my time, my spiritual growth, & that will benefit me in a positive way. I’ve done the whole club thing millions of times (I sure love to get down on the dance floor though—-that’s undeniable), dive bars, etc. If I’m going to go all out it’s going to be for art, live music, festivals, nature adventures, supporting my hubby’s super sexy math rock back, etc. I need more spiritual, creative, & intellectual stimulation that just going out & getting drunk. We’re not forever 21. I’m going out most of the time because I work two jobs, run all of the social media marketing for my artist network, constantly create as an artist, keep my body in good shape, & being an unconditional loving wifey to my best friend, love of my life, biggest inspiration, my one & only hubby! & I’m always spending time with my family, especially all of my nephews & nieces. So pardon me if I don’t feel the need to have to explain every detail of my life. If you really love me, just know that I love & miss you always. But also understand that I am on a quest of self success & then you will understand the rest. No hard feelings, this is just life. Everything happens for a reason…seriously. 

  13. Our new juice creation today in @couples_kitchen is called Dank Greens (pineapple, green apple, ginger, kale, spinach, & celery) 🍍🍏 #coupleskitchen #coldpressed #juice #bar #healthy #dank #fruit #greens #juice #positive #happy #health #video #bf #gf #bff #love #muvedo @fancypantsster

  14. "To The Moon And Beyond" ______Galmatias

    Yesterday was my first full day of just juicing. I had to work a double but surprisingly I had energy. Being around coffee all day & not drinking any of it was quite gratifying…in the sense that I didn’t have any urge to have any. Quick fun fact: when you’ve tried Vietnamese coffee at the age of 4 there’s no stoppin’ ya hahaha! I literally could feel my body detoxing…washing everything out…literally. I would get light headed here & there but nothing serious. My body is thrilled that I’m pumping it with tons of raw fruits & veggies. I’m getting more than 5 a day! I got to ride my beach cruiser around for a bit yesterday & passed by 2 very humble monks who I greeted of course. The world is a much more spiritual place if you just recognize the language of the universe. I’m in a place of my life right now where I’m just focusing on my well being, & what I’m really doing on this Earth. Everything is a meant to be life experience if that’s what you chose to create it to be. Having more control of your thoughts, action, & reactions. Let go of fear, anger, envy, & disappointment. Start appreciating everything in your life for it is all connected. Whether you understand it or not, know that you are learning from the experience itself. BE IN THE MOMENT. Stop worrying about the future. Just STOP worrying period. It’s a waste of your energy. It doesn’t help you move forward at all. Give life 100% of your effort. There must be balance, so therefore we must practice at it constantly.

    This morning, I woke up around 4am to the sound of much needed rain here in SoCal. I was already having a hard time sleeping because my boyfriend was out of town last night & it was only my 2nd time sleeping without him since we’ve moved in together. I was restless after trying to go back to sleep multiple times. I just said fuck it & turned on 8tracks to play some music & opened the window next to our bed. Rain or shine, I love the sea breeze. Just to feel it agains my skin makes me feel pleasantly alive. & now here I am….blogging! I’m feeling pretty peach keene this very peaceful morning. Oh yeah it’s my day off today & pay day! I’m going to indulge in some meditation & then jump into editing more photos from my San Diego Zoo date trip with my hubby a couple of days ago. Some much needed yoga is to follow & then pilates! Fun fact: I love blasting the music & breaking out in dance sessions! It’s the best cardio!!! 

    Tip of the day: Give NO fucks especially to those that hate & just do the damn thing, we gotta make the most of this life. 

    Check out my photography via: http://madamtaniado.wordpress.com/

    Prints are also always available just email: tania@muvedo.com

    PEACE&LOVE always, Madam Tania Do <3

  15. The sun still manages to come out & play…even after the refreshing rain. #love #positive #happy #life #coupleskitchen #organic #raw #juice #juicing #healthy #health #60daychallenge #day1 #inspire #change #detox #reboot #rakhsolid #muvedo (at Long Beach Marina)